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ATEAS uses special deep neural networks for analyzing video. It is an artificial intelligence application for video coming in various resolutions aimed at timely detection and recognition of phenomena of interest ranging from intrusion detection by a person to complex direction based detections and detection of other objects or behavior.

Scene description and Dynamic scene description neural networks
Features and parameters

Basic network features

  • Neural detection of eight object types
  • Persons, cars, trucks, cyclists or trains are included
  • High detection reliability based on the network training process
  • Enables a direct integration of intrusion detection events in particular zones
  • Directionality enables car or person wrong-way detection
  • Identity support enables person loitering detection
  • Support for slow or stopped vehicles on high-ways or in tunnels
  • Object counting support based on object type or direction
  • Number of false alarms is greatly reduced by using artificial intelligence
  • Not affected by weather conditions or abrupt light changes

Basic network parameters

  • Model name: Scene description, Dynamic scene description
  • Network architecture: Deep and Deep+
  • Availability: free
  • ATEAS version: ATEAS version 5.0.2 or higher
  • ATEAS edition: ATEAS PROFESSIONAL or higher
  • NVidia: Maxwell, Pascal architecture, 4 GB GPU RAM
  • Installation: Plug & play module for ATEAS Server 64-bit



ATEAS 5.0.4 - new AI features now available - download.

ATEAS 5.0.3 - new neural network with dynamic description support - download.

ATEAS 5.0.2 - first ever neural network in ATEAS, AI and more changes - download.

ATEAS 5 - Android TV, cloud support, integrated upgrades and tens of other new features - download.

ATEAS 4.8 - When great performance increases even more with CUDA - try it.

ATEAS 4.7 - The summer ATEAS 4.7 release adds features to mobile clients, H265 or license plate recognition - download.