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Several online tools are available to support all systems already installed. Our certified installation partners are responsible for project and technical support as well as for end user trainings.

Product activation

ATEAS Security licenses must be activated. The easiest way is to activate directly from the client application connected to internet. Manual activation can be done on this page.


License tracker

Should you need to find out your ATEAS ID or other additional information about your license, use the License tracker tool, which will find provide you with some license details.



ATEAS Security 4.6 - More clients for some editions, H265 and much more in ATEAS Security 4.6 - download.

ATEAS Security 4.5 - POS integration, ATEAS Interlogin and much more. Discover ATEAS Security 4.5 - download.

ATEAS Security 4.4 - Use your Mac to access ATEAS and other new features in ATEAS Security 4.4 - download.

ATEAS Security 4.3.5 - Regular portion of key new features available in ATEAS Security 4.3.5 - download.

ATEAS Security 4.3 - The ATEAS Security 4.3.0 comes with unique new features - try it.

ATEAS ID - ATEAS makes managing your licenses easy with ATEAS ID. Find out your ATEAS ID here.