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Large camera systems typically consist of 32 and more cameras with two or more camera servers responsible for camera recordings and event management. A large system can reach several tens of thousands of cameras or even several thousands of camera servers. The client license is unlimited, the corresponding product is the ATEAS Security UNLIMITED edition.

Large camera systems
  • unlimited number of cameras and servers
  • up to 256 cameras per server
  • unlimited client license
  • central system administration
  • central upgrades
  • maximum expansion flexibility
  • tools supporting large systems
Application examples
bank hospital traffic industry centre
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Traffic
  • Industrial
  • Shopping cetres

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ATEAS 4.8 - When great performance increases even more with CUDA - try it.

ATEAS 4.7 - The summer ATEAS 4.7 release adds features to mobile clients, H265 or license plate recognition - download.

ATEAS 4.6 - More clients for some editions, H265 and much more in ATEAS Security 4.6 - download.

ATEAS 4.5 - POS integration, ATEAS Interlogin and much more. Discover ATEAS Security 4.5 - download.

ATEAS 4.4 - Use your Mac to access ATEAS and other new features in ATEAS Security 4.4 - download.