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The ATEAS Security PROFESSIONAL edition targets professional surveillance systems up to 64 cameras. It is bases on a typical client - server architecture, the server is responsible for media, recordings and event management and allows un unlimited number of clients to access the system.

  • up to 64 cameras
  • unlimited client license
  • one camera server in the system
  • high system efficiency
  • easy integration
  • video wall support
  • very hardware-efficient
System design



ATEAS 5.0.2 - first ever neural network in ATEAS, AI and more changes - download.

ATEAS 5 - Android TV, cloud support, integrated upgrades and tens of other new features - download.

ATEAS 4.8 - When great performance increases even more with CUDA - try it.

ATEAS 4.7 - The summer ATEAS 4.7 release adds features to mobile clients, H265 or license plate recognition - download.

ATEAS 4.6 - More clients for some editions, H265 and much more in ATEAS Security 4.6 - download.

ATEAS 4.5 - POS integration, ATEAS Interlogin and much more. Discover ATEAS Security 4.5 - download.

ATEAS 4.4 - Use your Mac to access ATEAS and other new features in ATEAS Security 4.4 - download.