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The ATEAS CZ company has a wide base of installation companies, that have the knowledge and skills to create professional IP security systems based on the ATEAS Security platform. Installation companies and system integrators should be in touch with authorized ATEAS distributors who are responsible for project or technical support.

Partner section

TEAS products are sold exclusively by official ATEAS distributors, who can access the online ordering system with automated license generation, pricelists and other important documents, declaration forms, system recovery tools and more. More...


ATEAS 5.0.2 - first ever neural network in ATEAS, AI and more changes - download.

ATEAS 5 - Android TV, cloud support, integrated upgrades and tens of other new features - download.

ATEAS 4.8 - When great performance increases even more with CUDA - try it.

ATEAS 4.7 - The summer ATEAS 4.7 release adds features to mobile clients, H265 or license plate recognition - download.

ATEAS 4.6 - More clients for some editions, H265 and much more in ATEAS Security 4.6 - download.

ATEAS 4.5 - POS integration, ATEAS Interlogin and much more. Discover ATEAS Security 4.5 - download.

ATEAS 4.4 - Use your Mac to access ATEAS and other new features in ATEAS Security 4.4 - download.