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The ATEAS CZ s.r.o. company is a Czech software company focused on developing IP security solutions with long year experience in creating professional, open and highly optimized software, which is appreciated by customers across all sectors.


ATEAS info mail: info@ateas.net

ATEAS info line: +420 601 200 600



There is a wide installation base of the ATEAS Security platform across all sectors that are using modern IP based security technologies ranging from small home installations up to large and critical industry or bank applications. Several of these sectors are mentioned further.



ATEAS Security 4.7 - The summer ATEAS 4.7 release adds features to mobile clients, H265 or license plate recognition - download.

ATEAS Security 4.6 - More clients for some editions, H265 and much more in ATEAS Security 4.6 - download.

ATEAS Security 4.5 - POS integration, ATEAS Interlogin and much more. Discover ATEAS Security 4.5 - download.

ATEAS Security 4.4 - Use your Mac to access ATEAS and other new features in ATEAS Security 4.4 - download.

ATEAS Security 4.3.5 - Regular portion of key new features available in ATEAS Security 4.3.5 - download.

ATEAS ID - ATEAS makes managing your licenses easy with ATEAS ID. Find out your ATEAS ID here.