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Welcome to IP security world named ATEAS Security

The ATEAS Security software is a comprehensive video management solution for professional IP camera systems, which focuses on fully utilizing the camera potential and open standards. It brings extreme performance, simplicity and advanced features to your camera system.

Introducing...    ATEAS Security software

ATEAS Security is a leading software product for IP security applications. Total flexibility makes it possible to use the same installer for installing a system on one computer up to large multi-site and multi-client installations.



Introduction   pdf

Basic presentation   pdf

Solution for any particular system size

ATEAS Security system comes with many technologies significantly increasing the video surveillance efficiency having one or many locations connected in your security system.

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ATEAS 5.1.0 - AI forensic search and much more - download.

ATEAS 5.0.4 - new AI features now available - download.

ATEAS 5.0.3 - new neural network with dynamic description support - download.

ATEAS 5.0.2 - first ever neural network in ATEAS, AI and more changes - download.

ATEAS 5 - Android TV, cloud support, integrated upgrades and tens of other new features - download.

ATEAS 4.8 - When great performance increases even more with CUDA - try it.